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Were the World Mine takes an unusual spin on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Picture a rugby team at a private boys school doing pirouettes. Yes. Picture that. This is a high school musical gay/lesbian spin on Shakespeare and it works for me! I actually enjoyed this film quite a lot and was giggling during much of it. It’s funny and also has some worthwhile serious moments.

Timothy (Tanner Cohen) attends a private school where he’s often made fun of for being gay. His English teacher Ms. Tebbit (played by Wendy Robie, who was crazy Nadine in Twin Peaks way back when) talks Timothy into auditioning for the senior play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ms. Tebbit seems to have some magical gifts of persuasion that come into play a couple of times during the film. Anyway, at Timothy’s audition we learn that he has a beautiful singing voice, and he gets the part of Puck (who sings in this version).

Timothy’s mom makes his costume out of her old wedding dress and Timothy makes his own prop, a purple flower that squirts love juice. Well, there we part a little from Shakespeare. This love juice turns people gay. And Timothy squeezes it on a whole lot of eyes in his small town. He wants other people to understand what it’s like to walk in his shoes. This is where the pirouetting rugby team comes into play.

Hilarity ensues with various folks affected by the gay juice. The guys’ guy rugby coach moons after the school director. Timothy’s mother is pursued by a Mary Kay cosmetics-type saleswoman (played by Jill Larson who I remember fondly as Opal from All My Children). Timothy’s friend Frankie (played by Robin Williams’s daughter Zelda) repeats often that she is not a lesbian, but is the object of rapt fascination from two cheerleader-types.

In the end, Ms. Tebbit makes sure things (most things anyway) are set to right. And I enjoyed Frankie’s pop/rockin’ take on Pyramus and Thisby. (There are Shakespearean lines sprinkled throughout the film and many of the songs have Shakespearean lyrics.)

This is a fluffy, oddball movie, but it’s cute and I recommend it for a little levity (and Renee, you will like it a lot, I think!). It’s on Netflix streaming and DVD.

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