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Get Over It is a teenybopper flick, but it’s a good one—funny and cute and a little bit sweet. Granted, it’s fluffisimo, but it’s way more watchable than the opera. Berke (Ben Foster) is dumped by his girlfriend Allison (Melissa Sagemiller). In an effort to win her back, he tries out for their high school’s spring musical, “A Midsummer Night’s Rockin’ Eve.” Okay, yes, please laugh now. At his audition, Berke sings the Big Red chewing gum ditty. It’s fine, go ahead and laugh!

In the meantime, Allison has taken up with Striker (Shane West) who has a fake accent and made a pop music video called Love S.C.U.D. They play Hermia and Demetrius in the musical. Berke’s buddy Felix’s kid sister Kelly (Kirsten Dunst) plays Helena. Due to deus ex machina (not due to his Big Red singing debut!), Berke gets to play Lysander.

So, we have the Shakespearean love quadrangle. Not that this is really about sticking strictly to Shakespeare’s story line. As the musical begins:

Did ya ever read a Shakespeare play
And never understand a word they say?
Well, tonight we’re gonna make things clear
‘Cause Shakespeare’s dead, but  we’re all here!

Shakespeare is all around in this film, though. Berke has a tendency to daydream himself into fairyland and the forest. His daydreams are pretty funny and we get to see Lysander and Demetrius sword fight!

I really like some of the minor characters. Martin Short is very funny as the play’s egotistical, bungling, Bottomesque director, Dr. Forrest Oates. Swoosie Kurtz and Ed Begley Jr are good as Berke’s overly-permissive parents (who happen to have a sex therapy show on TV). And I always love Mila Kunis, who plays Kelly’s friend and a member of the chorus in the musical.

Hey, they even fit a Dr. Seuss reference in for me. Striker gets angry when Berke ad libs his lines during the musical and he decides to ad lib some of his own:

I do not like it in a moat.
I do not like it in a boat.
I do not like it in a car.

Okay, not exactly Green Eggs and Ham, but it still had me laughing! It was a good way to celebrate the birthday of the Bard!

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